MULTI-Module Latest Test Build Download

This page provides access to the latest successful test build of the MULTI-Module firmware.

Tests are run by the GitHub servers every time the MULTI-Module firmware source code is modified. If all the tests pass, the firmware compiled by the test process is available for download.

Warning! Test builds should not be used for flying.

They are intended for testing the latest code and may be unstable. You should only use a test build if you have been instructed to do so by a MULTI-Module developer.

The test build download is a .zip file containing all the files which were created during the test process. You will need to select and extract whichever file is appropriate for your module or radio.

Once you have downloaded the .zip file and extracted the firmware file for your module or radio, please refer to the MULTI-Module documentation for further instructions on flashing the firmware to your module or radio.

Or click here to view all recent successful test builds on Github.
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