MULTI-Module Firmware Downloads

This page provides an easy way to download the latest firmware file for your MULTI-Module, or MULTI-Module equipped radio. By default the latest firmware is shown, with older releases available using the drop-down Firmware Version selector

Once you have downloaded the firmware file for your module or radio, please refer to the MULTI-Module documentation for further instructions on updating the firmware.

Important: please click here to read about recent changes to the firmware releases.

MULTI-Module Selection

Select a specific MULTI-Module to load a set of default firmware file filters. Change the filters to refine (or expand) the list of files.

File Filters

Use the filters to show firmware files matching specific criteria.

Firmware Version:
Module Type:
Firmware Type:
Channel Order:
Show Pre-releases:
Show Debug Builds:

Note: OpenTX/EdgeTX radios with small LCD screens (e.g. Taranis Q X7, RadioMaster TX12, MT12, and Boxer) will not display files with names longer than 32 characters when browsing the SD card from the radio menu. You may need to rename the downloaded file before you can access it on your radio.

File Name Size Downloads